Niagara Community Legal Clinic is privileged to serve Niagara’s diverse Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities, vis problems ranging from human rights violations in employment and housing to the rights of trans and queer sex workers.

We offer affidavit help for gender I.D. change, to all members of the trans community who need assistance in this area. Call (905) 682-6635, our main clinic intake number, for help.

Our staff have received Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Safer Space training, in order to ensure that all of our team members are providing service to trans, queer, and 2S clients in an appropriate and well-informed way.

Niagara Clinic enthusiastically partners with OUTNiagara, the intersectional community organization for LGBTQ+ citizens on Niagara peninsula. OUTNiagara advocates for trans and queer rights across the region (including the annual rainbow flag raising at the seats of government of Niagara’s thirteen municipalities), and brings together a cross-section of local social service agencies prioritizing outreach to LGBTQ+ people.

Our clinic actively supported OUTNiagara’s recent application for grant funds from the LGBTQ2 Capacity Fund of Women and Gender Equality Canada (WGEC), the federal ministry for women’s, girls’ and LGBTQ+ rights.

OUTNiagara subsequently received a significant grant from the WGEC for the purpose of trans and queer community development in Niagara.Thank youto our federal partners for this support.

As a part of the WGEC-funded work, OUTNiagara is conducting a comprehensive consultation on the most pressing needs of queer, trans, and Two Spirit people on Niagara peninsula – significantly including legal needs, and with the aim of refining the goals of our advocacy.

Any member of the trans, queer, and Two Spirit communities who needs Niagara Community Legal Clinic’s help is welcome to call our main intake number at any time: (905) 682-6635.